Rally to Improve Birth hopes to bring awareness to a new kind of Labor Day

Rally to Improve Birth hopes to bring awareness to a new kind of Labor Day

TYLER (KYTX)-People gathered at Tyler's Bergfeld Park today for a new kind of labor day, the Rally to Improve Birth.

The rally is one of one hundred and fifteen going on across the country today.

When we think of going into labor, most people head to the hospital but some East Texas women want to teach expecting mothers that there are a lot of birth options out there.

Mother Samantha Searel  joined the Improving Birth organization after a terrible experience with the birth of her first child.

'It was really a failure to wait kind of situation, I love and adore my OB but i think a lot of times women are at the mercy of their doctor's schedule and so I had an unnecessary cesarean," Searel said.

Searel wishes she had done more research going into her first birth experience. That's something she and others who attended this rally hope to teach expecting mothers.

"For them to have the opportunity to meet doctors that are willing to say these are your options, lets decide together what is the best route you can take instead of pushing one particular option," Searel said.

Event organizer Katherine Stanglin says 9 out of 10 women receive care that increases their risks during labor.

"We want to bring attention to that, we want to have conversations with providers, with hospitals, with other families about how do we make change? How do we improve birth for all families? How do we bring in a focus on evidence based care? And that's really important," Stanglin said.

One way Stanglin hopes to do that is by hosting this rally. Searel hopes doctors and expecting moms will be able to work together so what happens to her doesn't happen again.

"Studies show if women are allowed the time then their bodies will progress. Labor isn't in a specific guideline or a specific timeline and it is different for everybody," Searel said.

For more information on the Improving Birth organization, click on this link.


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