Reaction to Former Whitehouse football star's charges

Reaction to Former Whitehouse football star's charges

TYLER (KYTX) - Shocking news is spreading today about OU football player and Whitehouse native Trey Metoyer.

An affidavit states the 2010 Whitehouse graduate admitted to exposing himself to two women.

What Trey Metoyer accomplished on the field with the Whitehouse Wildcats -- got him to the field to play for the Oklahoma Sooners.

But it's what allegedly happened off the field that stunned his former coach Randy McFarlin.

"Trey worked hard to get to where he's at today. Classroom work, got after it and had to go the extra mile to get there," says McFarlin.

It surprised coach McFarlin to hear Metoyer admitted to two counts of indecent exposure according to the affidavit.

"Good kid, hard worker, never disrespectful, never a hint of a problem at all," says McFarlin.

The affidavit from Cleveland County, Oklahoma states Trey Metoyer was picked out of a line up by a woman who says he exposed himself, then committed a lewd act in front of her.

The affidavit goes on to state Metoyer admitted to doing this, twice, in Norman, Oklahoma.

Once in front of a woman's apartment, another time in a car.

"They do experience a certain level of excitement and after the excitement, a certain relief," says Wade French, a licensed professional counselor in Tyler.

He says this kind of behavior isn't uncommon, and is often brought on by stress.

"Main treatment addresses the stress issues they have. Trying to get them to connect with better methods of reducing stress," says McFarlin.

French says sexual behavior like what Metoyer is accused of can be treated, and most who do it are not dangerous.

"He'll admit to it if he did it and he'll pay the price and will go forward," says McFarlin.

Still, McFarlin believes in Metoyer's ability on the field, regardless of a sidelining charge.

Metoyer has been charged with two felony counts of indecent exposure.

In a statement from the University of Oklahoma, head football coach Bob Stoops says Metoyer has been suspended indefinitely.




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