Reasoning behind rising gas prices

Reasoning behind rising gas prices

Gas prices statewide have been climbing for the past month -- increasing 19 cents between last week and this week.

The average Texas gas price  today was $3.60 per gallon. That's up from $3.41 per gallon last week.

For more on what's causing this increase, we go live to Megan Middleton with our news partner the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

Megan, what is AAA saying about the reason behind the rising price?

A spokeswoman for AAA said there is actually nothing out of the ordinary causing the increase…

Many of the reasons are a part of the annual cycle of things that can affect gas prices….

For example, many refineries in Texas and nationally are operating at reduced capacity -- because every year, about this time, parts of the facilities are shut down for maintenance and safety work. And this affects supply temporarily.

So, what can consumers do to help their pocketbooks during this times when gas prices are higher?

There are a few tips that AAA offers to help making your driving more fuel efficient…

Those include:

--Cleaning out clutter in your car. The lighter it is the less it costs to drive it.

--Avoid jackrabbit driving – starting and stopping.

--Pack items inside your car rather than on the outside because it makes it more aerodynamic.

--Plan errands on a round trip so you can take the shortest route.

For more on why gas prices are on the rise -- and when the price usually peaks, read Emily Guevara's story in tomorrow's Tyler Morning Telegraph.


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