Recent large flocks of birds following migration patterns

If it seems like all of a sudden large flocks of birds are every where …  you would be right.

Parks and Wildlife experts say these birds may be a bit of a nuisance but don't worry, they won't be here long.

Joining us from our news partners at the Tyler Paper is Danny Mogle.

Danny why are there so many birds around right now?

 Parks and Wildlife officials told us it all part of natural migration patterns. But they say their numbers are really high this year because a lot of the birds are moving south right now in front of that big cold front moving down from the Rockies.

How long will they stick around?

Although most of the birds are those big black grackles that seem to be everywhere there are actually several species in the east Texas right now including gold finches, cardinals and sparrows.

They are all on their way headed south for the winter and will be out of here in a few days.

For more on how the weather is affecting this year's migration pattern, see Faith Harper's story in tomorrow's paper.


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