Recent on the job robberies shine light on company safety practices

Recent on the job robberies shine light on company safety practices

TYLER (KYTX) - Two employees robbed on the job in Tyler. In just the past few days, a pizza delivery driver and a taxi driver were held at gun point.

CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey spoke to business owners and police to find out what are the best practices to avoid being targeted, and what to do if you are.

It's a lesson taught to delivery and taxi drivers...

"You have to be ready for any situation at any time," said Mark Hendon who has been driving taxis for nearly 15 years. One of his co-workers at the Cab Company of Tyler and Smith County was robbed while eating lunch behind a building on his break.

"It coulda been anyone in that parking lot," he said.

Tyler police say robberies of pizza and cab drivers aren't common, but can happen to anyone.

"We encourage them not to put their lives on the line,  whatever the demand, we're ready to comply with it."

Jamal Moharer owns NDMJ transportation, which operates the Cab Company of Tyler and Smith County.

"In case of distress a code can be transmitted and a police  officer or one of our other drivers and respond to the scene to for backup or support," Moharer said.

Another aspect of the cab is there are cameras inside  hat films everything going on inside the cab and everything going on outside of the cab.

Tyler police spokesman Don Martin says, camera's are great, but say if you're ever being robbed whether you're working or just out an attention to everything.

"You really need to be specific and look for scars, specific tattoos, what arm it was on," Martin said.

When it comes to venturing into a questionable area, follow your gut. If it doesn't look safe, back out and leave.

Police are still looking for the suspect involved in this robbery.The taxi company says, they have handed over the video to law enforcement so they are hopeful, that the suspect will be brought to justice.



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