Reduce airport stress this Thanksgiving

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TYLER (KYTX) - We can't control Mother Nature, but we can control how we prepare to travel this Thanksgiving holiday.

For starters, get to the airport early- at least one hour before your flight. There's nothing like being in a time crunch to get you stressed out, especially when there's long lines and airport screenings.

And, you can also check in online to save time, even if you have bags.

Shelle Kincaid doesn't mind traveling with the masses during the holidays.

"Oh, I do like to fly, yes."

She says she does a lot of planning ahead to make her trip enjoyable.

"Lightweight suitcases, make sure you have everything out of your purse, like your perfume, and all that stuff."

Breezing through security by keeping liquids and other prohibited items out of her carry-ons and having her boarding pass and ID at hand.

"I had all that ready to go, so you're not waiting for that and wear slip on shoes. Those are definitely helpful."

Experts at Smarter Travel say picking the right outfit is crucial to save time. Skip the jewelry, keep your pockets empty, wear a jacket that's easy to remove and put back on, and avoid shoes that require a lot of lacing or yanking to get them off your feet.

"Just being minimal and only- what you need is what you need." says 22-year-old Abby Durrenberg.

She calls herself a frequent flyer and says stress-free travel requires simplicity.

"I don't go so much for the cute, I go for the comfortable. And, if you're sitting on a flight, I don't want to be wearing a ton of jewelry."

And, for people traveling with electronics-

"Even with my laptop, just making it easily accessible and even with my id, just getting that out within a matter of seconds and not having to shuffle through all my stuff." says Durrenberg.

Packing checkpoint friendly to avoid a hassle and keep the line moving.

You can bring your holiday pies and baked goods, but remember the gravy and cranberry sauce has to abide by the 3.4 ounce liquid rule.

Experts at Smarter Travel recommend you ship your gifts instead of trying to take them on the plane with you.

And, it's important to keep your gifts unwrapped. If TSA has to inspect it, your bows and wrapping could get ruined.

Try to leave some room in your suitcase for gifts and shopping you may do over the holidays.

Consider renting skis and sporting equipment. It's often cheaper than the fees you'll pay to bring that gear with you.


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