Reducing digital eye strain

Eye Strain

(KYTX) - Back pain, headaches, blurred vision...  These symptoms can all be brought on by the electronics we use every day.  

New findings from the Vision Council show 70% of adults in America experience eye strain from digital devices like computers, tablets and smart-phones.

Local ophthalmologist Mr. Mike Ford says all that time we spend in front of a screen really does affect our vision because it causes us to blink less.

The normal blink rate is 16 to 18 blinks per minute. That rate decreases when we fixate our eyes on a screen. That visual concentration on the screen leads to a decrease in our blink rate, which leads to evaporation of our tear film, which leads to blurry vision.

Dr. Ford with DeHaven Eye Clinic in Tyler says as technology develops, his patients get younger.

"We do see patients that have those symptoms. The advice is simple. Take a break. Put lubricant- eye drops in your eyes, maybe use your device less."

He says it just comes down to modifying your habits. So, take a moment to unglue your eyes from the screen and make a conscious effort to blink several times. Dr. Ford says that should help your symptoms temporarily.

"I did get an iPad for Christmas. And, I am using it, some." says Sarah Turner.

She says she tries to protect her eyes by limiting her screen time.

"I don't do games on it and stuff, but that's just me. I just have other things to do with my life."

Dr. Ford says that's something we all need to remember.

"As wonderful as these devices are, that it's still good to limit your use of them because there's so much else to do besides be glued to a screen."
He says you can keep your eyes and the rest of your body healthy by not allowing your digital devices to make you sedentary.




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