Register now to have City of Tyler's emergency alert system on your phone

Register now to have City of Tyler's emergency alert system on your phone

TYLER (KYTX) - It's a brand new way the City of Tyler is helping alert you of emergencies right as they happen. 

The program is called Code Red and the city needs you to register your unlisted phone numbers, including your cell phone, so you can be sent alerts about emergencies when they happen.

Tyler dad Victor Martinez has three daughters.  

"They're 13, 10, and 12," he laughs. 

It's easy for him to become a worry wart, which is why he's thrilled to hear about the City of Tyler's new emergency alert system, Code Red.

"I think it's great!" he says. "It's going to be really helpful for everybody and just keep us informed."

As soon as we told him about it, he whipped his phone out and registered it through the city's website.  That's what the city is asking everyone to do with unlisted phone numbers and cell phones.  

"A lot of people nowadays they may not have a land line.," says Tyler Assistant Fire Marshal Laura Mason.

Mason says listed land lines are the only numbers right now that automatically get the alerts.

"Things like amber alerts, gas leaks, missing persons, emergency weather coming through, whether it's tornado warnings, watches, flooding, roads closed," Mason says.

Code Red will alert you of lots of kinds of crises that you can better avoid if alerts can be sent to phones that people carry with them 24/7.  

"It lets us notify people so much faster so it's less likely they'll be injured or killed," Mason says.

Martinez is most excited to get city weather alerts.  

"If streets are flooded, or tornadoes or anything!" he says.

Being in the know will put him more at ease when his daughters aren't by his side.  

The system has the ability to notify targeted areas within the city, so alerts can go out to one section of Tyler without notifying everyone.

To sign up, all you have to do is go to the City of Tyler website, and scroll down to the bottom right and look for the Code Red link. To get to the sign up page, just click here.


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