Residents in South Tyler neighborhood react to explosion

Residents in South Tyler neighborhood react to explosion

Tyler, TX (KYTX) -- People living in a normally quiet South Tyler neighborhood spent most of their afternoon watching chaos unfold.

A loud boom had Mike Underhill look up from his porch, to see a man emerge from an explosion. He says he didn't even think twice.

"The guy was running and he was on fire, so I picked up and ran over there," Underhill said.

Underhill says when he reached the victim another man was there telling him to lay down on the grass, then they both started swatting out the fire.

"I took my jacket off and I just started patting his legs to try and smother it. His pant legs were burned off almost totally," Underhill said.

With the flames out, he watched the victim get put in an ambulance and fire fighters swarm the scene.

"The house just went up in smoke. Everything was bad," Underhill said.

Many people told us they dropped what they were doing to come survey the damage in their neighborhood.

"I had to go back and forth all through the neighborhood to get around to see my house. My heart was just pounding, I was so scared it was my house," Terri James said.

Maggi Jones had the same thought.

"We were at lunch with a friend and heard that there was an explosion on Copeland, so I was worried because I live off of Copeland," Jones said.

It took Jones a little longer to get back to work with a section of Loop 323 blocked off and traffic much slower than usual.

No other homes in the area were damaged in the explosion.


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