Rolling blackouts still possible, ERCOT urges power conservation

Rolling blackouts still possible, ERCOT urges power conservation

Having narrowly avoided rolling blackouts across Texas Monday morning, power companies said the last-ditch measure was still possible going into Tuesday morning.

The problem starts when we wake up, turn up the heat, turn on the coffee maker and take a shower.

Charles hill with Oncor said adding up the millions of people in Texas was almost too much for the statewide power grid to handle.

"Electric demand is electric demand whether it comes from your heater or your air conditioner," Hill said. "So this morning we had that same kind of circumstance of high demand and then some generation issues."

Going into Tuesday, the people who keep the electricity flowing are hoping you'll go easy on them and turn down the heat.

"If you can turn it down just a degree or two, if we all do it, it makes a huge impact," Hill said.

Oncor and ERCOT are asking businesses to turn off some of their lights and the rest of us to un-plug everything we're not using.

They're also asking families to avoid running the dishwasher or doing laundry until after 8pm.

Between that and the 24 hours power companies have had to get more generation capacity online, Hill said the chance of rolling black-outs should be low.

"We still could have issues tonight and then tomorrow morning," Hill said. "Although if we don't have generation problems then we ought to be in good shape."

Click here for more information on the demands being placed on the power grid.


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