"Run, Hide, Fight" mass shooting video gains attention

(KYTX) - Texans are learning how to prepare for a mass shooting in public in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado massacre two weeks ago. A six-minute YouTube video called "Run, Hide, Fight" created by a Texas mayor has gotten about a quarter of a million hits on YouTube. CBS 19's Amanda Roberson takes a look at this chilling sign of the times.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker helped produce the film and said at least two uncomfortable truths were uncovered by the massacre in Aurora. Mass shootings can happen anywhere, anytime and victims caught in the crossfire usually have no idea how to protect themselves. That's why she's encouraging others to learn about "Run, Hide, Fight."

This is not your everyday "workplace safety" video. The lessons revealed by Houston's "Homeland Security" office are unlike anything you've ever seen before. Mayor Parker produced the video as part of a disaster preparedness plan with a $200, 000 federal grant.

"These incidents are fortunately very very rare," Mayor Parker said. "But they're not impossible."

The safety video offers a simple phrase designed to save lives. Officer Don Martin with Tyler Police said the three action words "run, hide, fight" could save your life. "There really is no place that's immune because a lot of your workplace violence usually is where someone knows someone and they're there as a vendetta type deal."

The phrase is similar to other "safety" phrases you might remember like in the event of a nuclear attack, 'duck and cover', or if you find yourself in a fire, 'stop, drop and roll'.

"The first instinct is to hide. And as we clearly say in the video, the first thing you need to do is get the heck out of there," explained Mayor Parker. 

The video's final recommendation is its most controversial - to fight back. 

If a shooting type situation did happen in Tyler, Officer Martin said Tyler P. D. is ready. "If something like that were to happen you're going to have an immediate response from a lot of officers. It's just very unfortunate that we've come to that today and people would go that route."

A route the City of Houston hopes they can help combat with "Run, Hide, Fight."

The video was completed before the Aurora shootings, but Mayor Parker said the massacre convinced her office to release it earlier than planned. She said if the video saves just one life it will be worth it. 

To watch the YouTube "Run, Hide, Fight" video, click here


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