Rutting season means driving danger

TYLER (KYTX) - Drivers beware- it's rutting season for deer. That means bucks are more concerned about chasing does than making sure the road is clear before they run across it.

"This is probably the peak of the breeding season for deer in our area. So, you get a lot of bucks that kind of get single-minded and their situational awareness is pretty limited."

Texas Parks and Wildlife District Leader David Sierra says that can create a dangerous situation for drivers.

"I've hit one. And, of course, I've got grill guards on all my vehicles that I operate. So, it throws it under it, if you're lucky. But, I have seen them come through the windshield."

He says deer are most likely to be out at during dawn and dusk. Drive extra carefully if you're in a rural area or where there's deer crossing signs.

"If you see one deer cross the road, it is possible that you will see another deer or even two more deer that will cross behind them."

Smith County Sheriff's Offices Spokesman John Moore says deer can be very unpredictable, especially this time of year.

"You don't see nearly as many accidents involving deer other times of the year. This is the time of the year deer are out. It is rutting season and so they are doing what they naturally do."

That's why he says it's up to you to be on high alert.

"We had an accident we worked this week where someone had hit a deer. I personally know people who have hit deer. I've been in a vehicle where a deer ran into the side of my car when we were going down the road. So, it is dangerous."

Texas Parks and Wildlife Reports most breeding activity in the Pineywoods happens late October to early January.

Moore says you should be more concerned about deer crashes if you drive a smaller car. If you've been injured in a wreck and need help, call 911.


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