Safe and healthy grilling this summer

(CNN) - It's one of the perks of summer weather, but a safe cookout begins long before firing up the grill, starting with the meat at the grocery store.

"You want to choose cuts of meat that aren't too thick because when you cook food, the outside will get charred and the inside won't cook." says Tricia Calvos, health editor for Consumer Reports.  

Cooks should also start with a clean grill. A wire brush and a paper towel moistened in salt water should remove most residue. And, some longtime grillers may think they can wing it, but another purchase is key to keeping healthy.

"Part of any healthy grillers tool kit should be a good meat thermometer, because meat can carry bacteria, and if it's not thoroughly cooked that bacteria can make you, your family and your guests sick." says Calvos. 

Steak and fish should be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees fahrenheit. Ground beef and pork should be cooked to 160 degrees. And, chicken and other poultry, 165 degrees.

Also, avoid using the same plate for the raw meat, as your serving plate.

"That just defeats the whole purpose of cooking your meat properly, because the bacteria from the raw meat juices can get on to the food and then make you sick. So, use two separate plates." 

Serve those hot foods right off of the grill, and remember, cold dishes can spoil easily when left in the summer sun.


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