Safest used cars for first time drivers

Safest used cars for first time drivers

TYLER (KYTX)-Eighty three percent of parents who buy their teenager a car buy a used car.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has just released its first list of safe used cars, all under twenty thousand dollars. 

The new safe car list shows that older and smaller are not always safer.

Sarah Ball has two teenage drivers in her family and will be buying one of them a car this year.

"We look at the safety ratings and the crash test ratings, we look at the airbags and how safe it is, how big of a car it is, that kind of thing," Ball said.

Ball says safety and price are the two most important aspects when buying a car.

"We try to find as new a car as possible with low mileage. and we have found in the vehicles so far that our boys want to look at, we can find a pretty decent vehicle within that range," Ball said.

The study shows that the majority of parents buy used cars for their children and Ball is one of those parents. 

She agrees with the study's findings about used cars still being safe.

"You can get a vehicle with the backup sensors which is incredibly helpful, hands free talking, you don't want your child to be talking on the phone and if you can get hands free, that's better," Ball said.

Velocity Mazda General Manager Camden Jones says selling safe vehicles to teenagers is paramount to him and his staff.

"Just in the past week 3 or 4 families have bought new cars and pre-owned cars for their child, its their first cars and they are Mazda's and i think they are doing that because they are seeing how Mazda has put a major emphasis on safety," Jones said.

Ball says that knowing she has done the most research possible makes her more comfortable with her kids on the road alone.

"As a parent you're going to worry about that, i don't think that'll every change but knowing that they are in the safest car as can be, that helps," Ball said.

Though the cars on the list are used, most are pricier than parents usually spend. 

The institute found that the median purchase price for used cars for teens is fifty three hundred dollars but only three of the safe cars on the list cost about that.



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