Safety alert: space heaters too close to homes

Safety alert: space heaters too close to homes

(KYTX) -- We're at the end of winter, with some people cranking up the heat to cope with chilly nights. But fire marshals are warning you about the dangers recently linked to space heaters.

"We're still in kind of a winter phase it gets pretty cold at night and in mornings, you know people are going to have their space heaters on. But the best thing is to keep it in a good area away from other items," Kevin Londoff, Smith County Deputy Fire Marshal, said. 

It's a message that's not always heard. Just yesterday a fire broke out in the 2500 block of Lynn Drive in Tyler. Investigators say the space heater was too close to combustibles. A similar situation happened two weeks ago in Arp. 

Firefighters say if you have an older heater that's showing signs of malfunctioning like making a buzzing noise, don't chance it.

"If it's got an electrical hazard, you can have an incident occur just from that. So the best thing would be to replace it at that point," Londoff said.

You are encouraged to keep all objects at least 3 feet away from your heat source at all times.


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