Safety alert to women: man exposes himself in Tyler

TYLER (KYTX) - A CBS19 safety alert for women running on Rose Rudman Trail after a man is seen exposing himself.

Tuesday evening CBS 19 reporter Jennifer Heathcock and a friend were running through the trail when a man exposed himself to them.

It was a peaceful day on Rose Rudman Trail.

"I didn't think too much until we went by and saw it," says Sarah Rollins.

Rollins was on an evening jog, something she's done dozens of times.

But this time she was caught by surprise.

"Just kind of saw him in my peripheral vision and was like, wait, did I just see what I think I saw? And out of habit, just turned back and looked and yes," says Rollins.

Sarah and Jennifer were coming around the corner and saw the man walk off into the wooded area. They didn't expect to see him with his pants at his knees when they ran by.

"Turn around and go the other way. Don't go past him where he's setting himself up for whatever he's going to do. It could have been worse," says Officer Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department.

Officer Martin says suspicious activity, like the man walking off the trail into the woods, should signal a reaction.

And he says areas like the trail, with a lot of foot traffic are where police have reports of this happening most.

"They're targeting females in shopping centers, they're targeting females that are in cars," says Officer Martin.

It's a sight Sarah won't soon forget.

"Surprised me even more that somebody would be as bold to do that when there's at least two people," says Rollins.

Two people, on a well traveled path, not far from a school.

"It was still daylight, I mean, I looked at you and said, "please don't ever come out here by yourself." I would not feel comfortable going out there by myself again," says Rollins.

Police say it's best for women to always stay together, and you should always call 911 if something is suspicious.

At a safe distance, police say you should try to get as much descriptive information as possible.

This man was wearing light colored jeans and a red hoodie with blue writing on it.

The man has not been located.

Police ask you call if you have seen any suspicious activity in the area.


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