Safety concerns at Tyler apartment complex

Safety concerns at Tyler apartment complex

A young couple was forced out of their apartment a week ago. On Monday they still were not able to go home.

Kyleigh Kelley and her husband woke up in the middle of the night one night one night to the sound of the ceiling crashing to floor.

"He was like 'honey, the ceiling fell through, and I didn't actually believe him," Kelley said.

She said the first signs of trouble came during rain storms a couple of weeks ago.

"The table and the floor were like sopping wet," Kelley said. "So I noticed there was something wrong."

The Kelleys said their repeated requests to fix the leak were ignored.

"I told them 'y'all have neglected the problems that we've had in the past and y'all obviously neglected this problem for four or five days,'" she said.

The Kelleys' lease at Wood Trail requires renter's insurance. Kelley said the apartment complex won't take responsibility, so their personal insurance will take the hit.

Michael Bosworth with Bosworth and Associates said footing the bill--even if your land lord could have prevented the damage--is common, and another argument for renter's insurance.

He said if you find yourself dealing with something like this, go ahead and file, but be very specific about how you tried to prevent the damage. Then let your insurance company go after the land lord to recoup the money.

"Then the renter's insurance company could take care of the problem and then they would go back and negotiate with the owner," Bosworth said. "They have more experience and more clout."

Kelley said Wood Trail called the apartment "fixed," but when she visited new water stains were already showing through the repaired ceiling.

"They say that they fixed the problem and their professionals did it," Kelley said. "But their professionals also told us that the ceiling would be fine until they got out there to fix it and it also fell through."

Management at Wood Trail declined to comment for this story. Wood Trail's parent company did not return emails and voicemails Monday.


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