Salvation Army forced to suspend community meals

Gillian, I'm here in the kitchen of the salvation army and here they feed nearly 80 people a night. About 50 of those people are apart of the organization's night lodge and the other 30 come in from the outside community.

The Salvation Army told me today that they've been so busy with their Red Kettle and Christmas program, that unfortunately, their going to have to temporarily suspend their outside feeding."

"I wish they wouldn't have to do that because it's rely going to hurt us people on the outside."

For nine years Brandy Clymer says she has relied on non profits and food pantries for a meal.

She says many nights, she was fed by the Salvation Army...

"If I didn't go there a lot of times I wouldn't be able to eat nothing."

Major Ernesto Lorazo runs Longview's Salvation Army...

He says it's a decision the organization had to make to help fulfill this year's Christmas responsibilities.

"713 families have qualified for assistance from the Salvation Army, we are working to make sure those families get a Christmas meal, plus over 21 Hundred children."

Major Lorazo says with volunteers being spread thin -- helping with the red kettle and Christmas program, feeding those who are *not* housed at the center for the night, will have to be temporarily suspended until the beginning of the year.

"We have not and will not forget those who do come to us in their time of need."

"I think it's understandable, they've got to do what they've got to do but still I think it's going to hurt us."

And since 2011, the Salvation Army in Longview has assisted nearly 2,000 people, they've housed nearly 25,000 and with this very refrigerator they've fed nearly 50,000 people. They say they appreciate all of the other non-profits who have stepped in to fill the void, but come January 2nd, they'll be back in action feeding those in the community who need a little assistance.


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