Salvation Army"Beat The Heat" fan drive helps with summer heat

Salvation Army"Beat The Heat" fan drive helps with summer heat

TYLER (KYTX) - If you haven't felt the need to turn on your air conditioner, you're probably one of the few who hasn't, or maybe one of the people who has no air conditioner to turn on. 

For the past few days Lowe's has been offering discounted fans to help the Salvation Army in their eight annual "Beat the Heat" fan drive.

It's a summertime push to help people like Jamsey Bell of Tyler.

"I'm out in it all day right now, I'm riding around on a bike looking for jobs," said Bell.

He doesn't have an air conditioner.
 "And I'll just stay under a tree until about 8 or 9 o'clock."

That's why the Salvation Army is partnering with several east Texas businesses for the yearly fan drive.

Chantel Millin with the Salvation Army said she's happy with the outpouring of support.

"This is actually a great way for us to kick off the summer heat and that time in our social services where we're giving out fans and come together to let the public know we're all here to help" she said.

Millian said, this year they need extra help from the east Texas community. With the recent damage in Oklahoma and West, money they've gotten used to getting in the summer has been being funneled elsewhere.

So it's people like Debra Harney the Salvation Army looks to. Harney's air conditioner recently went out, but she can stay with family to cool off. It's an option some people don't' have.
"And the people that can't afford fans or can't get fans, I just couldn't imagine, so I had to come and help," said Harney.

Shelly Hinkins donated too. She said it was just the Christian thing to do.  
"You know we take if for granted how much air we actually have and just being able to serve and donate just brings the love of Christ to them and hopefully they can feel that breeze that God can give."  
Whatever the reason, donations from people like them give Bell and many others a way to keep cool.

Millin said, they give out around 60 fans every week even during the non-summer months.


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