Save on your monthly water bill during winter months

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - The City of Longview Water Utilities say they want to remind all Longview residents that they base their annual water bill from the usage during the winter months.

"Customers can save money by using less water during the winter months."

Customers will still be charged a minimum of 2,000 gallons a month, but a little conservation can keep it from going to far beyond that...

"Don't be so drastic that you're only showering once a week or flushing every other day."

Bill Oldendorff owns a home in West Longview and says he keeps an eye on his family's water usage.

"We just use what we need, it's not that we use water just to be using water."

He sees plenty of waste when it comes to water use and says everyone could stand to cut back.

"Driving through the neighborhood and it could be raining but sprinklers are going."

Those with the City of Longview Water Utilities say following these few easy rules could help you save big:

  1. Check around your faucets and toilets for small leaks
  2. Try to pick one day a week to wash your clothes
  3. Try not to leave faucets running while your washing dishes or brushing your teeth

"During the summer months we use much more water because the children and grandchildren come and visit and they use a lot of water."

During the winter time that all changes and he says his home and his bills are back to normal...

"Over and above you can watch your water usage during these months and it could mean saving throughout the year.

The City of Longview Water Utilities also says that customers should pay very close attention to the due dates on their bill. The day after you bill is due, the city immediately charges an additional 10% of your total bill on top of your bill.


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