Saving Money and Staying Cool

Saving Money

LONGVIEW (KYTX) - Samantha Greenleaf is beating the heat by relaxing at Longview's -splash pad.  She says even though she has lived in Texas for years,  there is no getting used to the heat.
"It's hot, it's humid, it's horrible"
Randie Lee agrees. And once summer hits, her electric bills skyrocket.
"In the winter months I usually pay about 75 dollars, in the summer? 150 at least"
Cooltron Air Conditioning and Heating expert Cody Martin says it all goes back to air conditioners working overtime, doubling bills in the summer months. But there are some easy ways to ease that hike.
"You're going to see that rise because the air conditioners are working really hard, trying to keep up with the heat."
He says simple things like using curtains or blinds, routinely changing your air filter, and cleaning off your unit with a garden hose can save you hundreds in the summer.and turn your thermostat up a few degrees when you leave the house, but never off.
" What happens is that everything in your house produces heat. So no only do you have to cool down the space, but also the things in it. Causing your AC to work even harder."
"Experts say that turning on a simple box fan to increase circulation, is also a great way to save."
For Randie, she says the cost of staying cool in Texas can be rough.
"Sometimes it gets a little tight in the summer months, but in the winter it is a lot better."
Something she says she misses, at least right now.



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