Scuba trainee's dive into Athens lake to improve skills

Scuba trainee's dive into Athens lake to improve skills

ATHENS (KYTX) - Performing an underwater search and rescue isn't a job you just dive into.To do it safely -- you need a lot of special training. For many people -- the Athens Scuba Park is the place to go to get that. CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey spoke to scuba trainee who explained what underwater life is like.

Beneath the surface of the lake at the athens scuba park, lies quite a bit...including two full size airplanes...

"Moving around in it takes some skill, penetrate wrecks, maneuver and try to get out of them," said trainee Wes Akin.

Akin and a few others are spending their weekend, exploring those sunken items as they work toward improving their scuba skills.

"I did some search and rescue work in Katrina in New Orleans," said Akin.

He said, with years of working as a paramedic and firefighter, taking this dive is the next step.

"Join this to my abilities to join the rescue team and do recoveries and search and rescues," he said.

Instructor Stewart Phillips is one of the people who will help him take that step. He holds one of the top diver certifications. 

"I would rather dive than eat, I've been diving quite a while."

He along with a few other instructors oversee a wide range of divers as they work toward new certification levels.

Steven Brooks is also working to become a rescue diver. "The best way to describe in diving is it is absolute adrenaline and excitement wrapped up in serenity and peace."

Brooks has been exploring oceans and lakes his whole life, now with scuba, he plans to take that skill and use it to explore and when necessary save lives.

"Just and amazing experience all around, the world completely changes in perspective from the surface to the water," said Brooks.


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