Search called off for night, plane, 4 on board still missing

HARRISON COUNTY (KYTX) - Crews strategizing on their search for tomorrow after looking all day and evening for a missing plane.

A Marshall man owns that plane, there were 3 others on board heading to Casper, Wyoming when they disappeared about 60 miles away from the city.

According to the Civil Air Patrol in Wyoming, there's been no word, no radio frequency and no electrical transmission from the plane since yesterday afternoon.

Many people are just hoping the 4 people on board are alive and will be found soon.

The Harrison County airport is where 52-year-old SCharles Ford spends a lot of his time.

Friends and family say he owns a 2005 Piper Saratoga, identified as N110UM as the plane that fell off the radar in Wyoming Tuesday.

"In ideal circumstances, the electronic location transmitter, or ELT, normally would be transmitting at this point. In an ideal situation. However, it's not, and we don't know why it's not," says Jeanne Stone-Hunter.

Stone-Hunter is with the Civil Air Patrol in Cheyenne.

She says a search began Tuesday night for the plane after they received a call from the Air force Rescue Coordination Center around 7:30.

"They tried to do a visual search, wasn't much we could do at that hour and the electronic search came up negative. They found nothing," says Stone-Hunter.

One family friend says there was cell phone activity identified in the search area Tuesday night, but it couldn't be pinpointed.

I spoke with family members off camera, they say they're not ready to talk yet because they don't know enough.

Some are waiting to hear word on the search here at the airport.

They just hope everyone on board is safe.

Two flight crews and ground crews stopped for the night, because they're relying mostly on a visual search.

Stone-Hunter says terrain and weather can play a factor.

"Generally it's rolling plains in that area, there are mountains that pop up our of the plains," says Stone-Hunter.

Stone-Hunter says the terrain is too mountainous to send ground crews out after dark.

Both search crews on land and in the air will return to the area tomorrow morning.

As of right now, they're not releasing the names of any of the other 3 people on board.

Weather conditions in Casper right now are clear and dry, but overnight lows are expected in the 20's.

Search crews hope to have better luck in the morning with crews searching on the ground on ATV's and by plane.



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