Senator John Cornyn speaks with East Texas business owners about ObamaCare concerns

Senator John Cornyn speaks with East Texas business owners about ObamaCare concerns

TYLER (KYTX) - Tuesday's coffee talk at "The Diner" in Tyler is a conversation that started in Washington D.C. And spread to every town in our country.

"At some point, we're going to have to try and find a way to protect people from the hardship of this thing collapsing," said Sen. John Cornyn, R-TX.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, has come under fire by many conservatives who think it simply won't work.

Now, it's the small business owners who are saying the same thing.

"Bringing something down from Washington, as far away as they are, and addressing it in the different markets throughout our very diverse nation doesn't work," said Lloyd Nichols, owner of "The Diner."

Lloyd Nichols is the owner of two small businesses in East Texas. He feels ObamaCare will cause a negative affect across the board.

"You end up intruding in both employees and customers lives, and your lifestyle too, because you're the one who has to make the tough decisions and live with them," said Nichols. 

Those tough decisions include cutting hours for employees. Some business owners say they will limit their number of full time employees to 49.

The reason they're doing that is to avoid the requirements and penalties associated with the new healthcare law for businesses with 50 employees or more.

United States Republican Senator John Cornyn says there is better way for these small business owners.

"When people who supported it and opposed it, like me, or able to come together and tell these stories, I think what we will figure out is we're going to give the states a lot more flexibility on dealing with health care at the state and local level," explained Sen. Cornyn.

Senator Cornyn wants to increase competition in the insurance marketplace to bring down cost.

He also wants everyone to keep a personal relationship with their doctor.

"Our system isn't designed for the government to tell us what's good for us and we've got to accept whether we like it or not. That's what's happened with the, so called, Affordable Healthcare Act," said Sen Cornyn.

President Obama says the Affordable Care Act will help small business.

His administration has continued to tell small business owners that the health insurance law will make it easier to find better coverage options and stop insurance companies from taking advantage of them.

Some small business owners say the Affordable Care Act will force them to close their doors.

Former Tyler CiCi's Pizza Franchisee Bob Westbrook sold two of his three restaurants last year.

Westbrook says he would need to provide health coverage to about 80 percent of his employees, or pay a tax of $2,500 per year to keep them in the pool.

Westbrook says he couldn't afford that.


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