Seniors clogging their way to Fit City Success

TYLER (KYTX) - They're known for their smooth line-dancing.  Now almost a dozen people at the Tyler Senior Center are taking up clogging. The exercise is helping keep their mind and body in shape.

They call themselves the Garden Valley Cloggers.  Most of them are new to the sport, but have learned quickly that clogging is a total body workout.

During one of their recent performances at Waterton Plaza the seniors danced to "That Old Time Rock & Roll... kind of music just soothes your soul."  And, Just like that "Old Time Rock & Roll," clogging soothes these seniors soul.

"It's a happy kind of dancing," says Sheila Preddy.  "In fact, my neighbor had a little 2 year old and he saw me in the garage practicing and he said, 'look she has happy feet.'"

It's not just Sheila Preddy's feet that get a workout.  "You are teaching your body new tricks.  You are working yourself out totally," says Sheila. 

Clogging works on seniors tone, flexibility and coordination, not to mention all the dance steps they memorize for performances like this one.  "Clogging is such a challenge, you get the cardio, the fitness, the brain aerobics.  Are you on the right foot?  All the dance steps.  It is so great," says Kay Odom, Supervisor at the Tyler Senior Center.

"The cloggers are having a lot of fun, but they are also burning some serious calories, up to 400 an hour.

"This really is the ultimate as far as breathing, controlling that breathing.  You don't want to pass out and you certainly don't want anyone picking you up," says Kay Odom.

Kay Odom is the supervisor at the Tyler Senior Center.  "When I found out we had some clogging people to teach this class, we started out with 4 and now we have 10.

She says the city is always looking for new programs, like clogging, to help seniors stay active.

"I think it is very easy as you age to let your life close in on you.  Your world gets smaller and smaller.  I think that's something we all have to fight," says Sheila.

Clogging is keeping these seniors young at heart and keeping up their Fit City Success.

It's hard to believe, but the Garden Valley cloggers range in age from 56 to 78.

They're serious about what they do.  The ladies practice twice a week for an hour.


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