September jobs numbers create hope on unemployment line

TYLER (KYTX) - The labor department says the unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent in September. Industries across the board are opening jobs, a big one being the housing.

In fact, it's the biggest one-month jump in 9 years! Whether credit goes to a boost in the housing market, or a rise in part time jobs, the bottom line is, people are being put to work.

"I didn't have to interview a whole lot. It was really pretty easy!"

It's hard to believe but, Tyler mother of three, Heather Martin, is describing her experience finding a job.

"I just had basic skills," Martin said. "I'm not a college graduate. A month ago I was just a mom, and now I'm working full time!"

She started the job search in September with Express Employment Professionals, and found one within three weeks.

"I love it!" she says about her new job. "I love it and the people that I work for."

Martin is proud to say she's not part of that 7.8 percent a number that's creating nationwide shock waves.

"It's a surprise," says Tyler Economic Development Council president Tom Mullins. "This is the lowest rate we've seen now in 4 years, but the real challenge is to see if it's going to be a trend."

Express Employment Professionals employees say this month, they've seen more clients get jobs than they have in years.

Mullins spent the day consulting with national economists who all say the 7.8 percent is a real number.

"It's a blend of household surveys and employment data and that people are starting to come back into the work force in larger numbers," Mullins says.

Martin hopes others like her won't give up on their job search.

"Looking for a job is really intimidating at times when you're having to put yourself out there and having to put your best foot forward, but just be yourself and you will find a job! They're out there!" she said.

Mullins hopes the good news will create consumer confidence and keep industries like the housing market growing.

To keep the trend going, 150,000 jobs have to be created nationally each month to keep up with population growth.

He says local unemployment numbers have not been released yet. It will take about a month and a half to get those in. However, he says East Texas is usually a whole point below the national unemployment number, so he's expecting around a 6.8 percent.



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