Severe weekend weather could cut into holiday sales

TYLER (KYTX) - The incoming severe weather is making local store owners nervous about weekend holiday sales. 

For retailers, the next few weekends before Christmas are some of the biggest and most important of the entire year. Just one weekend of bad weather and fewer shoppers could set them back big time financially.

The true winter weather headed to East Texas, isn't exciting too many people. 

"It's going to be dangerous. I'm not looking forward to driving. It's going to be miserable," says shopper Brandon Holley.

Holley spent Thursday at Best Buy. He planned on going this weekend, but seeing ice on the weather forecast changed his mind.

"I probably won't make it out this weekend. Unfortunately I'll probably end up doing the rest of my shopping online," he says.

That's bad news for local business owners like Whitney Parrish, who says her boutique, 20two10, depends mainly on foot traffic.

"It's just hard because this is the time of year everybody needs to get their stuff done," Parrish says.

She says a whopping 40 percent of her annual revenue comes from holiday shopping, so this weekend could mean serious trouble.

"Texas people are scared to drive on ice!" she says.

Well, not all Texas people. Apparently, she hasn't met Lindsay Goldenberg, who isn't phased by the ice.

"I'm just going to take it real slow!" she says.

This is the only weekend Goldenberg set aside for holiday shopping.

"And I'm not going to let the weather stop me. So bring it!" she laughs.

Parrish will brave the icy roads too, to keep her store open all weekend. She says local businesses always take the biggest hit during holiday severe weather. So she's sticking it out and making a special Christmas wish for supportive shoppers. 

Lots of people don't realize some local stores provide online shopping. So if you're just too cold this weekend and want to stay bundled up at home, grab your computer or even your cell phone and check to see if your favorite local stores will let you shop online.


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