Smith County Murder Suicide

By Michele Reese

Fernando Alvarado's stepfather got in his truck after a horrifying ordeal.  "He was very distraught real upset," neighbor Vanessa Snider said.  His nightmare began with an ominous call from his step son.  "They got a call to pick up a grandchild," Smith County Sheriff's Lieutenant Craig Shelton said.  When he arrived at the Alvarado's home, he found a note posted on the door.  It said, "call police".  "That's what he did he took his grandchild out and called the Sheriffs office," Shelton said.  When deputies arrived, they found the bedroom doors locked. "We had to bust our way through," Shelton said. "That's when they discovered evidence that there was blood in the room."  Police believe Alvarado beat his wife with a baseball bat, inside the room, then carried her to a shed behind the house, where he eventually hung himself.  "My jaw dropped," said Jacob Mayne.  The longtime family firend can't believe what happened.  "I grew up over their and their was never any violence.  It seemed like they had it made.  Look at the house the cars," he said.  But, behind the nice facade trouble may have been brewing. Judge Mitch Shamburger says the wife recently filed for divorce.  "Its just a real sad situation," Snider said. "I pray for them," Mayne said.


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