Smith County watches roads closely during rains

SMITH COUNTY (KYTX) - The persistent rain has some people worried about their commute in the morning.

The county road and bridge administrator watches two major areas during heavy rain.

One to the north off County Road 411 and one to the south off County Road 2180, and they don't expect too many problems Wednesday night.

But any low lying area is at a risk of flooding.

As the rain dropped steadily, some drivers got increasingly worried about the conditions on County Road 411 in Smith County.

"Used to, years ago, it would get up to the curb. But doesn't do that now," says Frankie Hendrix, who's daughter lives on the road.

Still, Hendrix won't be driving back through the bridge to County Road 46 from her daughter's house.

"I'm not going to take a chance of hitting no holes going that way. I'd rather go all the way back around to Van Highway," says Hendrix.

"Not anticipating anything major unless start getting 2 to 3 inches an hour. Most road and drainage structures will sustain what we're getting now," says Doug Nicholson, the Smith County Road and Bridge Administrator.

If we get a lot of rain fast, small creeks like this could rise quickly, washing over the road and causing problems.

That's why the Smith County Road and Bridge crews will be looking out throughout the night.

"If you see water over the road, don't travel it because you don't know if they road has been washed out, don't know if drainage structure is missing, or a bridge is gone, or anything like that," says Nicholson.

Something Hendrix knew years ago, when she lived off County Road 411.

A piece of advice that will keep her safe, no matter what road she travels.

"The longer route is better, you see. I never can tell what's going to be in the street through here sometimes, be a lot of trees and things down," says Hendrix.

The Smith County Road and Bridge administrator says they do have crews on call every night in case something needs emergency work, they ask people call 911 in that instance to let the police know is a road is washed out or flooded over.

Smith County Road and Bridges department says they are looking at raising and widening County Road 411, but it will be a long process.


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