Solutions discussed to stop violence in Tyler community


TYLER (KYTX) - East Texans from all backgrounds met for a second time Monday night to find a solution to violence in their neighborhoods.

It's been less than a month since the first community summit was held at Greater New Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church.

The summit was a response to the shooting death of a young Tyler woman in July.

"We are gathered together again. Not to be reactive, but proactive," said Rev. Jerome Milton.

A proactive meeting to discuss a solution to stop violence, not just in one community, but all in the city of Tyler.

 "Black, White, Brown, Red, Green, and everything in-between," said Rev. Milton.

Just a few weeks ago, nearly all the seats in this room were filled as people shared their ideas on how to the stop the violence.

"We need to teach the parents how to be parents, because some of them don't know," said one woman in the audience.

On this night, solutions on how to do just that.

Reverend Jerome Milton said the plan is to team up with non-profit organizations to teach parents how to actually parent.

Another plan in the works, take children from both sides of town, put them together, and let them help other people, as one group, in the community.

"Christ went to the folks....and we sit back and say why don't they come to our church campus?" said Pike Wisner.

Pike Wisner, pastor of First Baptist Church in Tyler, has volunteered his church as a spot to make that happen.

"We have failed the dysfunctional family, we have failed single mothers and single parent homes," said Wisner.

Many people agreed, saying, you have to take the meetings out of a building.

"Grandma is not going to come to the city council meeting if her grandson is out here selling ounces of crack to pay for her medicine every month," said one woman, "You got to take it to these apartment complexes where these low income people stay. You have to take it to these streets where these kids know that someone does care about me," added the woman.



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