Special Report: Friday Factor

Special Report: Friday Factor

TYLER (KYTX) - We can all breathe a sigh of relief now. We made it to Friday! That's usually the mentality on this day, right? Well, it turns out, this happy feeling we get on Fridays is actually good for our health. And, doctors say it's something we should be incorporating in our lives throughout the work week.

Bottom line, people need plans on the horizon. We have so many items on our checklist that we simply don't want to do. Who really wants to wash the dishes or iron the clothes . Psychologists say say there's sometimes a shortage of time and opportunity for us to do the things that we really want to do. Those activities are usually not going to be income, or responsibility driven. The key is to make time for more fun and bring a little more of that Friday happiness into the rest of the week.

"We've got, I believe, two conference calls, a webinar and I get to do an interview after hours on Tuesday. So, Tuesdays are pretty busy."
Olga Mondragon calls Tuesdays a repetition of Mondays. She's director of investigative services at the Better Business Bureau of Central East Texas.

"BBB, this is Olga. How may I direct your call?"

Today's look is full makeup, hair, slacks, and heels. The attire signals it's the beginning of the week.

"I think, maybe Thursday afternoon, you kind of start to see that light at the end of the tunnel." 

Until then, her weekend plans are helping her push through.

"Especially when it involves family time, birthday parties, or any family gatherings for me, definitely. It totally gives you something to look forward to."

Local psychologist Dr. Wade French says we all need that for our sanity.

"Fun is greatly underrated, I'm afraid. And, we spend more time on the serious things in life and less time on having a little more fun."
He says knowing there's fun ahead is what puts everyone in such a good mood on Fridays.  That's no exception at the BBB.

Fast forward to the end of the week- and it's a different vibe around the office.

"We get paid today!"

"It's not just Friday, it's pay day Friday."

"Happy Hatty Friday! Thank you, thank you."

"Super energetic to come to work. You look forward to coming to work, especially when it's on a pay day."

Mondragon has traded in her slacks for jeans, lightened up on the makeup, tied her hair, and laced up her tennis shoes.

"It's more of a relaxed day, of course, 'Casual Friday.'"

- Otherwise known as "Hatty Friday" at the BBB.

"I love it. I'm actually the one who said, 'we all need to wear hats on Friday and call it 'Hatty Friday.'"
Betty Roundtree says Hatty Friday eases the stress of fixing her hair in the morning.

Dr. French says you can make the work week more bearable by finding your own stress relievers.

"It is important that people find things that are intrinsically fun for them, that are satisfying, that do create these periods of serenity and calmness in their life."

We can't take constant stress, and Dr. French says that's why we have to find ways to decompress.

"Harry Truman once said that there were very few problems in this world that a 20 minute walk wouldn't solve. And, he did. He took a walk everyday."

Mondragon says that's one way she tries to ease stress.

"We're just looking forward to a relaxing weekend, maybe go for a walk."

She'll be soaking up her time off until the next work week begins. She knows she can't get to Friday without Monday.

Dr. French says another way to make the work week a little easier is to find value in what you do. If you believe what you're doing has a benefit and that it's worthwhile, it can be more enjoyable to do that everyday.

Dr. French says  even if you work Saturdays and Sundays, and your weekends happen to fall on weekdays, the same rules still apply. You still have to find ways to decompress, find value in your workplace and learn how to incorporate more fun into your life!


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