EAST TEXAS (KYTX) - If you're not using it to socialize, you might be using it to step-up your game and promote your business.
There are all sorts of uses for a Facebook page, and just about everyone is doing it...
Tonight, Jennifer Heathcock shows us how some East Texans are even using Facebook to "swap and shop"...

Facebook is great for keeping up with your friends, your kids and people you haven't seen since you graduated from high school...
But mom's are finding ways to get great deals -- steals you might say -- on furniture, clothing, even decor.

Anne Meyers is dong more than just tapping away at her keyboard... She's making a better home ...
Most of my décor in here is from swap and shop.
I got my kids desks on swap and shop.  And she's even making a little extra cash.
I crochet, so I do a lot of different crafts and stuff I can sell. Make and sell things that way.  
Meyers moved to smith county from Chicago last fall .. And had previously sold items on e-bay and Craigs list.
But eBay fees and stuff were getting too much and you got buried between all the people selling all the millions of electronics. So, I kept looking for something.  

The Smith county Swap and shop Facebook page seemed like the perfect fit.
I'll generally bring a pile of my kids clothes say that no longer fit, we're done with, or clothes that I've bought.  
There's even a separate page for clothes -- affording this stay at home mom the chance to help out with the cost of living.

For most of us it's really become a blessing and actually helping us save a little extra to help our families, I do it, helps us buy groceries.
Turning this fast changing page, with deals on everything you can imagine, into a small home business.
Shelby wills started the page in east Texas.
Early one Sunday morning about 6 in the morning I made one and added about 300 of my friends  off my friends list and it just kind of exploded from there. Wills owns 'A Little Behind' -- a resale shop in Tyler.
She saw a friend on a similar page -- and wanted the same in East Texas. They can sell pretty much anything except firearms and clothing.

Imagine buying a great washer and dryer set, maybe a coffee pot ... Boat ... Or even a house.
Household items, furniture, people have sold cars, people have sold houses.
(houses?) yes, we've had realtors put houses on there. (and it worked?) I don't know.  The page took off...

The 300 Facebook friends Wills started with -- doubled in a week -- and now stands at more than 5-thousand.  But remember -- it's a business --

And succeeding means always being connected. I get griped at by my family for being on Facebook all the time. But my life, because of my businesses, has to revolve around Facebook.  

Still -- a business that's helping moms, like Amy Meyer, help their families... One deal at a time.

Shelby says she doesn't know how big the page will grow -- she says there are always people waiting to be approved to buy, sell and trade.
Justin and Gillian -- I'm told it can be addicting, so I'm going to have to stay away...
But if you're looking  for great deals -- and are ready to dive in -- all you have to do is search the groups, on Facebook!

As for the rules -- no clothing on the main smith county swap and shop.
But there are others that allow specific items like clothes -- there's even a page just for moms.


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