Special Report: Valentine's On a Dime

Special Report: Valentine's On a Dime

Tyler (KYTX) -- It may be circled on your calendar with a red heart around it-- Valentine's Day now just a few days away. It's a time of year you either love, or dread.

Sometimes an extravagant date can make the evening less rosy--adding stress and leaving you without any money for future dates.

We talked to one couple spending their first Valentine's Day together. Brady Parker is taking the lead on plans, and says he's been tossing around a few ideas for the 14th.

"Being able to stay at home, cook her a nice dinner, have a bottle of wine and enjoy a good movie is more romantic than going out and planning an extravagant dinner," Parker said.

His winning lady agrees that it's about quality time.

"It's putting some thought into how we're going to share time together on that day," Blair Camp said.

If cooking isn't your thing, don't sweat it.

"There's the Rose Garden that's always nice to tour, even just going to a movie together is just a way to spend time together and you don't have to spend a lot of money," Camp said.

And for those with children, you don't even have to leave the house.

"Board games is another way to spend time together and have a lot of fun," Camp said.

A husband of 22 years can vouch, little things add up.

"It can be as simple as putting the dishes away in the morning or taking the kids to school. In my house, that means Susan is going to get served coffee in bed before she wakes up," Harold Doty, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at UT Tyler, said.

His next suggestion is one many women stand behind.

"Bite the bullet guys. Send your wife mushy texts all day so that she remembers it's a special day for her," Doty said.

He says pulling out all the stops can work with your budget. "On Valentines Day, a single rose is probably as good as a dozen roses. Set a realistic budget, and understand that budget constraint. What happens is people don't pay attention to how much they're spending," Doty said.

And since you probably want more dates after the 14th, it's best to think about the long run.

"I feel like doing something that's honest and true to you is going to be more heartfelt for her," Parker said.

Because in the end, the best gift is always one that you can't put a price on.


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