Spring cleaning could clear stress and bring you big bucks

Spring cleaning could clear stress and bring you big bucks

TYLER (KYTX) - Spring is here, and for many people it marks cleaning season. Every year, people all over the country go through it and while its something many of us dread doing, it doesn't have to be stressful. 

CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey explains how you can keep calm and clean on.

When you think about cleaning, taking in just how much space you're going to have to clean is daunting. But organizers say just think when it's done, you'll be clear of clutter and could even end up with extra money in your pocket. 

At estates sales all kinds of items, including clocks, dishes and rugs are for sale.

"We've kept in the family, a lot of Christmas meals, family talks, but it just wasn't the right size."

Thanks to Jamie Barksdale, a dinner table is also for sale. It was a decision made, while doing spring cleaning.

"We're hoping someone else will enjoy it and be able to use.it."

Martha Dunlap owns Divide and Conquer, she's a professional organizer who also plans consignment sales. 

The way consignment works: people like Barksdale, brings in items and Dunlap helps sell them.

She said the consignment business is booming, "People are wanting to generate some cash for themselves, so they will consign some things with us to sale," Dunlap said.

She said spring cleaning can also be a time to find out how much cash you can get for your clutter, but before you get around to that you have to start the cleaning process one room at a time.

"Prioritize, what area is really bugging you the most."

Some of the biggest problems people face when tackling cleaning  is holding on to items you don't use and tying to do too big of a job at once.

"A battle can be won if the forces are divided, so if you're looking at a major task you need to divide it into small amounts," Dunlap said.

As an organizer, she says making sure items have a place can help speed the process along and keep future problems at bay.

Organizers say if you can remember to put things back from where you got them, and evaluate what you buy, by the time spring cleaning rolls around again, you'll have less sprucing up to do.

Professional organizers say when you decide to start cleaning, it's a good idea to make a checklist.
And for better results, mark what needs to be done and when you want it to be finished on a calendar so you can on track what needs to be finished. 



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