St. Paul collecting food this Glocal Giving Day


TYLER (KYTX) - You may have heard about a little something called "Glocal Giving Day" happening in the CBS19 parking lot, this Wednesday.

The word "glocal" means "global and local." That's because the event will raise food for East Texans and monetary donations to feed impoverished children in Africa.

St. Paul Children's Foundation is the organization collecting and providing food locally. All the canned goods, and other non-perishable foods, you bring by the station Wednesday will be collected in a huge 18-wheeler to feed local families in need.

"Some pancake mix... just some really nice stuff to hold me over."

James Edward Miller sifts through his box of food as he does every month..

"Wow, got some chocolate, some peanut butter and jelly, just some really, really good stuff here."

He says he's reminded of the many blessings he's received from people willing to help.

"There's no words for how grateful I am about all that has happened and all that I've been through."

It's been a long journey to East Texas for Miller- a Hurricane Katrina evacuee who lost everything he owned in New Orleans.

"I got here and I had absolutely nothing- no job, no car." he says- not even his family.

"I was actually displaced from my five-year-old son. And then, a month later, we were reunited. And wow, what a huge, huge thing that had happened in my life."

That's about when things started looking up for Miller.

"The people here in Tyler with such big hearts, just opened their hearts to me."

Miller says connecting with organizations like St. Paul Children's Foundation helped him get back on his feet and start a new life.

"St. Paul helps me out tremendously because there are times during the month when I'm just running low on food or may need clothing for me or my son."

St. Paul helps him meet those needs.

Executive Director Sharlyn Cannady says that's what makes her job so rewarding.

"It's a blessing. I tell everybody, we get to see miracles every day."

And, East Texans like Miller are forever grateful.

St. Paul Children's Foundation opens its doors every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to offer food and clothing to local families. An average of 100 families come by on each one of those days to fill up a box of food.

Kids Count Data reports there are 48,000 children living in poverty in the first congressional district, which represents some of our largest metro areas, like Tyler, Longview, Marshal, Lufkin and Nacogdoches.


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