String Of Burglaries in Mount Pleasant

String Of Burglaries in Mount Pleasant


 Surveillance footage from The Cash Store in Mount Pleasant shows the burglar using a crowbar to bash open  windows and begins to break open the cash register. 
   It's difficult to make out the burglar's face, but with few leads at this point, Mount Pleasant Police hope anyone who recognizes him will come forward.
   Thomas Stanley has lived in Mount Pleasant for 7 years and says it's an uneasy feeling.
"It makes you feel uncomfortable, especially when you aren't used to locking your doors" - Thomas Stanely
Mount Pleasant Police believe the man broke into The Cash Store and Burkes Outlet stores off of Jefferson Street in February.
   And they also think he could be involved in other home and business burglaries in the area. 
   Lieutenant Kyle Holcomb says in The Cash Store and Burke's Burglaries the thief did some damage, But  left empty handed.

  "He broke windows, and registers but got away with nothing." - Holcomb

   "Residents say Mount Pleasant doesn't get these type of crimes often, but when it does... it is troublesome." - Kevin Boyce

And holcomb says, precautions go a long way...

   "Put up alarm systems, security cameras, security lights, and don't leave anything around your business that can be used to break your windows." - Holcomb
But until the burglar is caught, people are still unsettled..

       "Sometimes I leave my house and I don't feel good about leaving it unattended when these things happen." - Stanely



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