Student allegedly hospitalized school gives out Insta-Snow

CARTHAGE/PANOLA COUNTY (KYTX) - The father of the 6 year-old girl posted on Facebook Tuesday night that his daughter brought home from school what is known as Insta-Snow. He posted that sometime after his daughter ate the snow like substance, she was rushed to the emergency room with an alcohol level three times the legal limit. Carthage ISD says they're investigating the incident but their still not sure how that's possible.

Kindergartners at Carthage Primary School used Insta-Snow in a school science experiment this past Friday.

"It's an experiment that you use 1 scoop to two ounces of water and it expands double it's size."

Ellen Day is a kindergarten teacher at Carthage Primary School. She days the 10 years she's used Insta-Snow in her classroom, she's never had any problems.

"It is non-toxic because it is for children, it's for ages 3 and up."

But on Facebook, the father of one of the school kindergartners says that's not the case. He says his daughter ate some of the snow-like substance students were allowed to bring home. An hour later, he said she passed out, was incoherent with an alcohol level three times the legal limit.

 "I'm not sure how that works how you get an alcohol level 3 times the limit when there's no alcohol in the product at all."

Carthage ISD superintendent Dr. Glen Hambrick says the only reason his teachers use Insta-Snow in the classrooms is because it is non-toxic.

"They use crayons that are non-toxic but you don't want them to eat the crayons, it doesn't mean that it wont make them sick but I don't believe that crayons would cause your alcohol level to go up."

In training, day said she's even seen someone eat the Insta-Snow.

 "He put it in his mouth, he grabbed it like a child would and put it in his mouth and said it's completely safe and he injested it himself."

"To make sure we don't put anything in front of the kids or expose them to anything that is harmful to them."

 The district says as of yet the parents of the little girl have not contacted the school or district regarding Tuesdays incident.


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