Student's Dad sues West Sabine ISD

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) - A West Sabine ISD Dad is suing the district.

He says it violated his son's fourth amendment rights.
Wes Little is suing the school's principal and nurse - after he says they checked his son's rear-end for evidence of feces.

Little's attorney says the lawsuit comes two weeks after the employees checked every fourth grader for evidence -- to find who had been defecating on the gym floor.

 The  attorney says federal law allows schools to strip search students - but that search has to be narrowly defined - usually something that puts the entire school in danger.

"To actually search an entire class of fourth graders looking for evidence of feces, it's outrageous. Even if they had found something I don't know that it would have provided them the proof necessary to point to that child."

 Little's attorney is waiting for a response from the school districts attorney about the lawsuit to see what happens next.
    We are also working to get reaction from the district about the suit.


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