Students need community help in recycling competition

Students need community help in recycling competition

TYLER (KYTX) - Tyler ISD students are learning the importance of recycling through a friendly school competition.

You can come by Andy Woods Elementary School right now and throw in any kind of aluminum can. Each bin represents a different grade. Whichever grade has the most cans by the end of the competition gets a popsicle party. But, program organizers say this is about so much more than that.

Not only does fifth grade student Abby Berry recycle cans-

"We recycle the old newspapers and plastic bottles."

She says cutting down on waste is something everyone can do to protect our environment.

"So, we use what we have and don't keep wasting what we need."

PTA President Lori Price says that's what this program is teaching students.

"It's a great thing to just teach the kids about just the benefits of recycling. And, they get excited about it."

Price has children at Andy Woods and says recycling is something they've learned to enjoy.

"When we were little, they didn't teach us about recycling, but I see the difference with my kiddos because they love and make sure that we keep our cans."

That way, they don't end up in landfills.

"They go give it to somewhere and they go melt it down. And then, they make new cans and stuff." says Berry.

"The kids love recycling and they just want to make sure that we are making a difference in our environment." says Price.

And, they're inviting you to help them- one can at a time.

Last year, the school collected $200 in cans. That money is used to fund school projects for the fifth graders. 

The aluminum can drive runs through Friday, February 21 at Andy Woods Elementary School in Tyler.



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