Study: 34 children treated daily for choking on food


(KYTX) - Choking is now a leading cause of injury in little ones, especially in children 4 and younger.

A new study in the journal Pediatrics shows 34 children are taken to the hospital every day in America for choking on food.

"Now, we're seeing that choking from foods are actually overtaking the choking from toys, and bouncy balls and things like that." says Dr. Danny Price with St. Paul Children's Clinic in Tyler.

He says parents should be concerned about firm foods that can hold their shape when they get lodged in your throat.

"Things like hot dogs, grapes."

Mom of four, Allison Williams, says she never took any chances with those foods around her children.

"Even macaroni, I would cut in half because anything- their little esophagus is so small."  

She says having to use the Heimlich maneuver on her son made her realize how easily choking can happen.

"One of the times he actually got a full grape and took ahold of it before I could grab it and cut it up."

Dr. Price says seeds and nuts are also dangerous. He knows first hand.

"At the age of 3, I had to have a peanut removed from my right lung because of a choking episode." he says. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends children under 5 not have any hard candy or gum.

"For me, there's no point." says Williams. "It's too much of a risk. Hard candy does make me nervous."

The study shows hard candy is the leading cause of food related choking in children, followed by other kinds of candy, bones and meat.


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