Study: Better survival rates with lumpectomies than with mastectomies

A new study out of Duke University finds women who have early stage breast cancer have better survival rates with lumpectomies and radiation -- than they do with mastectomies.

50-year-old Toni Spring was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer.

She decided on a lumpectomy ... a simpler operation than removing her breast.

Very happy with the choice.

Because I didn't have to stay in the hospital for longer than the surgery and a couple hours after recovery.

Women who are on the fence about it, women as they make their own decisions, this will support them in the idea that this is a very good treatment option for them.

Previous research showed the two operations produced the same results.

This is the first study to say lumpectomies with radiation can actually be a better option over the last decade more women are opting to have their entire breasts removed.

This study may reverse that trend.

I think sometimes patients think because mastectomy is a bigger operation, that it means it's better treatment.

Experts say factors like tumor size and family history should be considered when choosing a treatment.

Toni Spring went to three doctors, the first two recommended she have one or both breasts removed.

She was relieved to find out a lumpectomy could be just as effective.

It made me feel very empowered that I really had a decision where before I didn't think I had such a decision.

She says if her cancer comes back she can have a mastecomy if she needs one.

Reseachers looked at more than 100-thousand breast cancer patients with at least five years follow up.


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