Study: Kids hurt from sports every 25 seconds

Sports Injuries

TYLER (KYTX) - Many childhoods would not be complete without sports, and in Texas, football is king.

The recent death of a Georgia high school player serves as a reminder of just how dangerous this sport can be.

According to a new study from Safe Kids Worldwide, football has the highest concussion rate and the most overall injuries than any other sport. In very rare cases, those injuries can even be deadly.

16-year-old Deantre Turman already had a reel of highlights prepared for college scouts before his junior year even began. The Georgia high school student died after he was tackled in a scrimmage Friday night. His uncle says it didn't seem different than any of the other hits.

"He tackled the guy. It was just a hard hit, regular hit that he's made 1,000 times."

But, after the tackle, Deantre didn't get up. Autopsy results show he died from a broken neck.

"Injuries are a part of the game, unfortunately." says Grace Athletic Director Devin DeLaughter.

That's why his team follows strict safety guidelines.

"We don't tackle to the ground at all during our football practices to help prevent some of those head-on collisions." he says. 

Concussions are the biggest concern among his staff.

"If we sense that there's been a concussion or head trauma, there's a multi-day process that our kids have to go through in terms of being tested by our trainer, seeing a family doctor, making sure that they get cleared."

It's an extensive process, but DeLaughter says he's seen those safety measures pay off.

"We have had kids in the past who had traumatic brain injury that we wouldn't have diagnosed because they were out there."  

On the Grace football field and many others, the mantra is "if in doubt, sit it out."

eLaughter says he'd rather be safe than sorry this football season.


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