Study: Millennials driving fewer miles than prior generation

Study: Millennials driving fewer miles than prior generation

TYLER (KYTX) - A soon to be released study says if you're in the age group of 30 and younger, you are driving a lot less than previous generations.

CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey explains what researchers expect is the cause of the drop in Millennial aged driving.

As the population grows all across the country, a study done by TexPIRG (Texas Public Research Group) said one thing that's not growing is the amount of driving people are doing.

In a phone interview Sara Smith with TexPIRG, the woman overseeing the study, said fewer cars aren't necessarily on the road, but the amount of miles driven per person is down.

"Basically our research show, more people are suing alternative forms of transportation to get around," said Smith.

The people using alternate forms of transportation are "Millennials" --people born between 1983 and the 2000's.

Khaulynee Oliver lives in Tyler and fits into that age range.  She's not shocked driving numbers are down

"Anyway to save gas or use less cars on the road," Oliver said.

The US PIRG offices told CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey that there could be several factors that are influencing this change.
One reason: Millennials are relying more heavily on electronics (which keep people at home), and even being more environmentally conscious.

The same research that shows Millennials are getting into there cars and hitting the road is down, is the same research that shows public transportation use is going up.

Oliver said she understands how that could be the case,  "I feel like it's convenient..because you only have to pay so can pay only so much for a full tank of gas for a week, you can use public transportation for one month."  

Smith said, since research shows less drivers per person, it may be prudent for leaders to contemplate expanding public transportation infrastructure instead of solely focusing on road and highway is for the future.

"I think that when we're spending money we should consider how actual Texas and traveling, investing more into new technologies,"

The full results of the TexPIRG study will be released to the public at the end of September in Austin. It will fully outline which factors contribute to the decline in Millennial driving trends.



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