Study shows only 1 in 4 kids getting enough exercise

Study shows only 1 in 4 kids getting enough exercise

TYLER (KYTX) - A new government report shows only 1 in 4 children ages 12 to 15 are getting enough physical activity every day.

Tyler ISD teacher Dyann Kemp says kids aren't getting nearly enough exercise as they were did in the past thanks to today's electronics- like video games, smartphones and tablets. Plus, PE is also getting cut back in school curriculum, making the fight against childhood obesity an uphill battle.

"Alright, now show me a regular skip." 

Dyann Kemp has been teaching PE for 32 years.

"I love my job."

But she says she's seen some changes over time.

"When I first started elementary, I had PE every single day. And, it went to two days a week. But, we also have dance here. So, dance counts as our third PE."

In other words, she says, not enough.

"All I can do is just encourage them to get out and walk, get out and play outside when you get home. You know, do your homework first, but then get out and play at least an hour, if not more, every single day."

She says parents should set the example and motivate their children.

Caldwell Elementary students Noah Dunbar and Carson Gallagher say they get that encouragement from their parents.

"I usually play with my friends for like- a long amount of the day." says Gallagher.

"I do swim team and I usually play outside." says Dunbar.

"you don't want to be a couch potato." says Gallagher.

Exercise is also important outside of school for students Marinna Ramos and Emily McClain.

"We also do- I do cheer and tumbling." says Ramos.

"I do gymnastics and I'm at the school basketball team." says McClain.

But, Kemp says exercise doesn't even have to be that structured.

"Walk with your parents, walk your dog, get on your bicycle, ride as a family..."

Research shows exercise declines as kids get older. Kemp says that's why it's important to lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle in your children at a young age.


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