Super Bowl equals super spending

Super Bowl equals super spending

TYLER (KYTX) - Grab the chips and dip before it's too late, and while you're out, you may want to pick up a few more things for the Super Bowl Sunday.

Nearly 200 million Americans will tune in, and a good percentage will do some super spending to prepare.

The field is still covered, but that doesn't mean people aren't already talking football.

"Be in front of the TV watching the game," says Chris Stewart.

"Chill with my family and kids. Watch the super bowl with the screen, maybe eat some nachos," says Frederick Donnell.

Donnell has a game plan for Sunday and for when he'll pick up his supplies before kick off.

"I plan on doing it tomorrow, Friday, for sure," says Donnell.

Whether it's nachos, or firing up the grill, Americans will dish out millions on snacks and game-day provisions.

And that's not all.

The game's a real drive to the economy, as people will spend a total of $12.3 billions dollars, about $7 million will go toward a better view.

"The camera on the field, where they get real close to the huddle, I just love that shot there, looks like you're in the huddle," says Stewart.

Stewart and his wife just bought a new TV for game day.

Donnie Thedford at Don's TV and Appliance says he sees a 30% increase leading up to the Super Bowl, compared to a typical week.

"I would say when the Cowboys make the Super Bowl it's a 60% jump in sales, but 30% for Denver and Seattle is a great increase," says Thedford.

The average cost per person in America, nearly $70 dollars.

And beyond the spike in TV's, sound equipment and the huge spread of food, team apparel brings in a pretty penny too, no matter where you live and who's playing.

"I've got a friend named Jeremy Lane, went to John Tyler, I went to Lee, but he went to John Tyler. It's good to see somebody from Tyler to make it," says Donnell.

So if your gathering is big or small, the real win goes to a good time on game day.

Jeremy Lane is playing for the Seahawks.

About 10 million Americans will skip the part altogether and watch the game at a restaurant or bar.





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