Suspect identified in Kilgore armed robbery

Suspect identified in Kilgore armed robbery

A tip in August of 2013 led police to 42-year-old Gene Autry Williams in their hunt for the man who dressed as a woman, held up a liquor store and fired a gun at the owner one year prior.

Ultimately, Williams was arrested and brought from his home town of Shreveport to the Gregg County jail on January 24, 2014. He posted the $50,000 bond and left three days later.

Not much has changed inside Kilgore's Rose package store since that robbery.

"I could see where it went in, and there's where it came out," owner Jim Brinkley said as he pointed out the bullet holes still left in the wall. "We got the slug right out of the filter tray in here."

You don't have to take Brinkley's word for it. Security cameras captured the whole thing from the time a white Buick pulls up.

"And this person got out of the car, it looked like a female, dressed like a female carrying a purse," Brinkley said.

The purse turned out to be important--mostly because it belonged to someone other than the disguised man who was carrying it--but also because of the gun inside.

"And he started screaming 'put these handcuffs on or I'm going to kill you,'" Brinkley said.

Then the video shows the moment the man snapped, though you can only see the recoil through his arm after he pulls the trigger.

"He didn't miss my head far," Brinkley said. "If he hadn't turned the gun sideways, he would have got me."

According to records obtained by CBS 19, police learned who the robber was one year later.

Investigators said Williams was the man posing as a woman. Amazingly, his own family turned him in after recognizing his dead grandmother's unique looking purse when the surveillance video was uploaded to YouTube. The wig belonged to the grandma too.

Despite all the evidence, a back up at the DPS lab has held up the DNA--and the final piece of the puzzle that would put an allegedly dangerous man in prison.

"And they say they're backed up for years and years," Brinkley said. "It could be ten years. I'm surprised he hasn't already killed someone else."

Brinkley said he was most disappointed in the comparatively low $50,000 bond placed on Williams, coupled with the fact that Williams was able to come up with the money after just spending a few days in jail.

Kilgore police have turned Williams' case over to the district attorney's office. Workers there had no estimate on when it could finally come in front of a grand jury.


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