T.K. Gorman students react to Pope's exit

Tyler, TX (KYTX) -- A majority of Catholic students at T.K. Gorman heard the news of Pope Benedict XVI resigning before they got to school Monday morning. Many say they prayed over the decision, which they feel took a lot of courage.

"It was very brave of him to decide on his own that he wasn't the best leader and he couldn't fulfill the leadership role that the Catholic faith needs," George Cole, a senior, said.

Teens are showing their support, and also surprise over the Vatican's announcement.

"My dad came in, and he says good morning normally but he told me the Pope resigned--and it came as a shock to me," Kimi Prebost, a senior, said.

It was a bombshell that carried over into classrooms. "Everybody was talking about it in class as soon as I walked in," Corbin Cali said.

He was especially taken aback since he saw Pope Benedict speak recently during a trip to the Vatican.

"The way he spoke, he spoke clearly and he was standing up and walking around. I know how old he is, but he seemed healthy," Cali said.

Students weighing in on what kind of leader is needed for the faith.

"The church needs leadership that will move it to kind of adapt to the more modern world," Cali said.

They add classes will surely follow the process as a new Pope is elected, learning about the tradition as it unfolds.


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