TABC proposes alcohol sales at gun shows but many Tyler gun owners want the shows to stay dry

TABC proposes alcohol sales at gun shows but many Tyler gun owners want the shows to stay dry

TYLER (KYTX)-The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is proposing a rule change allowing alcohol sales at gun shows.

Gene Simmons calls himself a gun rights advocate but thinks mixing alcohol and guns is crossing the line.

"As an adult child of an alcoholic, that tells me that's probably not a good idea. also as someone who carries a pistol with him all the time, I don't drink and carry a pistol," Simmons said.

Simmons regularly attends gun shows where right now alcohol is not allowed. But recently the TABC was approached by a Dallas area gun club asking to allow the sale of alcohol at gun shows.

"When you go to gun shows you go up and down and up and down the aisles and look and wish and maybe buy some things and if people are drinking beer, I might not be doing near as much looking and wishing," Simmons said.

If the proposition passes, no live ammo will be allowed at the show and all firearms will have to be disabled. Gun owner David Dellamano thinks alcohol should be allowed at the shows.

"I don't see a threat with it, plain and simple, I just don't see a threat with it," Dellamano said.

But Lock and Load manager Kenneth Lottman has seen bad things happen when guns and alcohol mix.

"There's stories all the time about people having parties and stuff and someone has a gun and something gets out of hand and something is said and it gets pulled and something happens. guns and alcohol really just don't belong together, at all, period," Lottman said.

Advocates for this change say it will bring in more revenue for gun shows but Simmons says it will do the opposite.

"It will tell me I need to go, get what I want to buy and go home as quickly as I can," Simmons said.

The TABC is requesting public input on this proposal from now through September eighth and then a vote will be held in November.  



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