Taking on the heat in East Texas

Taking on the heat in East Texas

TYLER (KYTX) - Summer is almost here, and we're expecting temperatures to climb into the triple digits here in East Texas.

So are you ready for the danger that comes with the heat?

When the heat rises in Texas, Carrie Clay gets Callie ready to cool off.

"Sunscreen is the big thing, so she doesn't get cancer when she's older. And a lot of water," says Clay.

And she's taking precautions to keep Callie hydrated.

"As much as I possibly can put in her, she's a 3-year-old, so she doesn't drink a lot. But, as much as she can," says Clay.

The USDA suggests at least 5 cups for most children.

And physician assistant Gerry Brown at UT Health Northeast recommends at least 6 to 8 glasses for adults.

But be careful if you have certain medical conditions.

"Have to be careful with congestive heart failure and other types of fluid overload diseases. Any type of heart problem make sure the amount of hydration is well within what your health care provider has told you," says Brown.

And he says don't forget about the danger of hot cars.

As soon as you turn the car off, and shut the door, the temperatures inside begin to rise in a matter of minutes.

We have a temperature gauge on the dash so we can show you.

Temperatures can reach 130 inside vehicles, and that can be deadly.

"If you have someone that cannot handle heat, whether it's a child or an elderly person in a car that's closed up, that can mean tragedy," says Brown.

Tragedy parents like Clay are trying to avoid.

"Not in the 100s yet, know when that is. You can fry an egg on the sidewalk. We're good right now," says Clay.

Doctors say you should take into account that children's body temperatures rise five times faster that adults'.

Infants and children under four are among those for the greatest risk of heat-related illness.


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