Target data breach arrests at border

Target breach

MCALLEN (CBS) - Authorities are investigating how two people from Monterrey, Mexico ended up with fake credit cards made from using information taken in the Target data breach.

Hackers stole the personal information of millions of credit card users at Target stores across the United States late last year.

McAllen, Texas police have made two arrests that show what may have happened to the stolen data.


Mary Carmen Garcia and Daniel Dominguez may be some of the first arrests connected to the Target security breach in December.

On Sunday, the Monterrey couple was caught with 96 fraudulent cards as they attempted to cross into the U.S. from Mexico.

McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez says he believes they are part of a group that purchased accounts hacked during the breach, then manufactured credit cards to make purchases in the Rio Grande Valley.

"Someone in Mexico is obviously buying and producing the cards..."

Use of fraudulent cards is not uncommon to police agencies there. Police say these cards were manufactured in Monterrey-  an area known to produce fraudulent cards, but realized quickly that this case was different than others- and are currently working with the Secret Service

"Every day that goes by, we think that the Target data may be devaluing, so there will be pressure to capitalize on them sooner rather than later. says Chief Rodriguez.

These cards were never used, but police say the couple used dozens of credit cards last week, spending tens of thousands of dollars at places like Best Buy and Toys 'r' Us. And each account was discovered to be connected to hacked accounts.

Police say the breach hits close to home after realizing the all the accounts used belong to South Texas residents.

"As far away as Target corporate sounds, they were using local accounts."

Many Mexican Nationals come visit McAllen as a shopping destination. Now, police say they are working with vendors in the city to catch anyone else looking to cash in on the Target breach.




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